Who to Talk to


President:: Ellery Sedgwick


Phone: (434) 392-3588




Registration: N/A

Operations: Bobby Eiban


Phone: (434) 395-0038



Donations: Bob Chonko


Phone: (434) 547-9491





Volunteer Hours

Thursday    8:45AM–11:00AM



Distribution Hours

Saturday   7:30AM–10:30AM

Board of Directors 

FACES Board is a working board in the most literal sense. Each member has specific weekly or monthly responsibilities for carrying out the routine operations necessary for purchasing, transporting, storing, preparing and distributing food, as well as managing client records, working with FEEDMORE ( Central Virginia Food Bank), raising funds and setting policy. The work done by the board allows FACES to be an all-volunteer operation and thereby deliver large quantities of food at very low cost.



Ellery Sedgwick, President

Bobby Eiban, Vice President of Operations

Robert Chonko, Treasurer

Wayne McWee, Recording Secretary

Maria Jones, Corresponding Secretary

Tanita Anthony, Director

Barbara Armentrout, Director

Joanna Baker, Director

Paul Baker, Director, Coordinator Registration

Rusty Carter, Director

Sharon Carter, Director

Craig Challender/Peggy Epperson, Director

Bill Covington, Director

Carl Crigger, Director

John Eastby, Director

Dempsey Jones, Director

Alan Harris, Director

Sheila Hight, Director

Ruben McHenry, Director

Dale Pruitt, Director

William Shear, Director

Connie Queensbury, Director and

Manager of County Line FACES

Eric Wilson, Director


Phone 434.392.6277

Email facesfarmville@gmail.com



PO BOX 644

482 Commerce Road

Farmville, Virginia 23901 


Thurs  8:00AM – 11:00AM

         3:45PM – 6:00PM

Sat   7:30AM – 10:30AM