FACES is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers are the heart and hands of FACES. We know how valuable your time is and we cherish it. Our ability to provide food for many in need is entirely dependent on high levels of volunteer support and we warmly welcome all who can help.

Volunteers are needed at both our Farmville and County Line (Abilene) locations.



If you plan to volunteer at the Farmville warehouse on Saturday as a group of five or more people, please sign-up at the link below:



Questions? Email facesboard6@gmail.com

Note: County Line FACES (12129 County Line Road) is also in need of volunteers. Please email barmentrout@hsc.edu or call/text 434-315-3986 for information.

Thank you for helping us help others!

FACES welcomes volunteers at its facility at 482 Commerce Road at the following times:


Thursdays 8:00AM–10:30AM

On Thursdays, FACES receives shipments from Feed More in Richmond. The food, including fresh produce and frozen meats, arrives in a tractor trailer truck. We need volunteers to help unload this truck and store the food properly.


Thursdays 3:00PM–5:00PM

Volunteers are needed to bag over 600 bags of food and generally an equal number of bags of produce.


Saturdays 7:30AM–10:30AM

Volunteers are needed for a variety of things including handing out bags, bagging fresh produce and bread, loading and pushing carts. From May to August, FACES is particularly in need of volunteers while students are out of town. Students are an important and valued part of FACES volunteer corps.